Having started my path to becoming a brewer about a year ago, I thought I’d reflect on the great things about being a brewer.

  1. The beer! Yes I’ve always loved beer but becoming a brewer has opened my eyes to the great range of beers across the UK and the world. To have a job producing something that is my passion is “living the dream”.
  2. It’s a happening thing! What a great time to become a brewer! Over 1000 brewers in the UK, about 30 in Essex and losing count of how many in London. Brewing is certainly taking off in Britain. But not just a lot of similar beers, the craft beer movement means that there is now an amazing range of beer flavours. Just last weekend I sampled beers from The Kernel and Partizan – wow, what flavours! New beer bars setting up and the move to drink beer to accompany food – much more versatile than wine.
  3. The people. I’ve met most of my best friends, including my wife, over a beer. Becoming a brewer has meant I’ve met even more great people. Other brewers, bar & pub owners and of course the drinkers. The great thing is how all the microbreweries work so well together.
  4. Science and art together. Creating beer is a fantastic marriage of art and science. I’m a scientist by background, but have had a great love of art too. Creating great beer needs science but also art to create its character.
  5. Being my own boss. I can’t believe it has taken me this long to become my own boss. Whilst it may not have the security of a 9-5, it is so liberating to be in charge of what I do. I work hard and can become obsessed by the work, but it’s fantastic to decide what I do and when I do it. I’d thoroughly recommend you to try it.
  6. Creativity.  You can experiment and try to create whatever you want. Every beer can be unique. I’ve not found a beer that tastes the same as Mayflower Gold! Push the boundaries, try to create something special.
  7. It’s natural and local.  Yes craft beer uses all natural ingredients and can be a true local product.

If you’re out there brewing your own beer, what do you like most?

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