It was a very special time to brew my first beer, Mayflower Gold, with Andy at Dominion Brewery. It was then even more exciting to be standing in front of people saying this is my first beer. However, a bit nervous waiting for people’s feedback and hoping that they will like it, want to drink it and of course want to buy it!

Its first appearance was at a concert by Brentwood Orchestra of Young Musicians. My daughter plays viola in one of the groups and they were holding a Christmas concert. So at the interval people had the chance to have a taster and opportunity to buy a few bottles (in return for a donation to the orchestra). A mixed audience, but a lot of interest and good feedback on the taste. Also gift boxes of 3 bottles proved popular as Christmas presents.

A couple of days later I had a more official tasting. As it was Christmas we invited a selection of friends round to do a blind tasting of Mayflower Gold versus a couple of similar beers (one British and one American). Mayflower Gold is an American style IPA, so with a high level of hops (a mix of British Pilgrim hops with American Willamette and Cascade). I knew this level of bitterness and aroma might not be to everybody’s taste but it’s a style of beer I loved. Comments on Mayflower Gold included: “Truly well balanced”, “Vey good indeed”, “lovely pale ale”, “best beer”, “this is the best – got more depth than others”, “my favourite of the three, lots of flavour”, “well balanced”. So lots of very good comments and the majority preferred Mayflower Gold. Very pleased with feedback. After the tasting we shared some more Mayflower Gold with some curries provided by local vegetarian chef Leon Lewis. Everyone agreed that the beer went perfectly with the curries. Bottles should soon be appearing at a local Indian restaurant – watch website, Twitter or Facebook for more details.

Following weekend met local beer blogger Justin. He works in Billericay, so has been following Billericay Brewing since the day the website went live. Was looking forward to finally meeting with Justin, but a bit nervous about his verdict on the beer. However, did not need to be nervous as he liked the beer and I’m thankful for his positive comments. See

Overall very pleased with comments. So pleased that, like Justin ,I enjoyed it with the turkey on Christmas Day “traditional Christmas dinner of roast turkey, ham, bread sauce et al. really brought out the spicy citrus of the hops. It’s a very promising start.”

If you want to try some bottles they are available at the Ale House in Chelmsford. Watch next blog for further news on its appearance at The Ale House and follow the website for details of other outlets.

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