Saturday 24th & Sunday 25th August were the dates of our first open weekend. We had a temporary licence for the weekend so put in a pop-up bar in our brewery area, borrowed some seats & tables and got in some of our own Mayflower Gold on draught and a few other local ales too. The aim was to get people to come in for a drink and find out a bit more about our brewery project. The microbrewery had just been ordered and we put up a few pictures of what our brewery would look like and where the different vessels would be sited.

However at 11am on Saturday morning the heavens opened. At 11:30 I looked outside and said, “Well it can’t keep on raining like this”, and went on to say the same thing for the next 3 hours! Billericay was flooded, Waitrose had to close, houses were evacuated, roofs fell in – what a day to choose! However at 2:30pm the rain had eased off and lots of courageous people braved the floods to get out for a beer – thanks to all of you. By 3pm all our seats were occupied. Everyone really seemed to enjoy having a beer in our brewery area. Only thing was our licence finished at 5pm and most people having made a late start were ready to continue drinking.

The open day continued on Sunday and the weather was much better. This meant we could actually use our courtyard and on a bank holiday weekend we had full seats both inside and outside.

Some comments on the weekend:

“great atmosphere, great beer, keep having the open days”

“long overdue for Billericay. Keep up the good work. Look forward to the first draught pint in Billericay pub”

“Lovely afternoon, we will definitely be back to stock up”

“fantastic selection of beers. Can’t wait till the brewery gets going”

So with this great feedback we will make this a regular occurance – aiming to do once per month. Next open weekend will be Saturday 28th (11am-7pm) & Sunday 29th September (12-5pm). Also this time we will start on Friday evening (5 – 7:30pm) with a visit by Logan, the brewer at Beavertown, for a talk and tasting about their fantastic beers – pop up bar too!

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