Weddings & Celebrations

Billericay Brewing Co. can make your wedding day even more memorable by serving a craft ale with your meal as an alternative to wine. The range and flavours in beer are far greater than that of wine. We can match craft beer to compliment and enhance your menu.

There is a beer to suit every course of your wedding breakfast.  We can help you select the right type of brew, whether you need a delicate light ale or a traditional British ale.

You can choose one of our own Billericay beers or have a beer crafted and brewed especially for your wedding with a personalised label.


Wedding Favours

Have you thought of having a craft ale as a wedding favour instead of sugared almonds! Either choose one of our beers or have a beer made specially for the occasion with a personalised designed label.

Chocolates for the girls and beer for the boys or mix and match.  Billericay Brewing Co. can supply personalised beer as gifts for all those important people who will help to make your day unique and memorable.

Beer can be matched to your wedding theme.  For example you may wish to have a country theme and may want to have hop garlands around your hall or marque. We can supply hop garlands and barley sheaths.


Billericay Brewing Co. Stag Events

A different approach to a “Stag Do”!  Have beer brewed by yourself and friends to serve at your wedding.  This needs to be booked up to 6 weeks before your wedding to allow adequate time for brewing , fermentation , tasting, bottling and labelling to be ready for your big day.

Planning the Perfect Event

Let us help you select the correct beers and favours for your wedding.  Just drop us a line to tell us a bit more about your requirements and we’ll get back in touch with you.



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